Smart Campuz For Schools


Smart School solution, powered by Teach Next is an innovative and simple solution for any school’s digitization needs. In Smart School solution Smart School Application is installed on a server in a Central Coordination Center (CCC) in the school and the classrooms are connected to the Central Coordination Center via a local area network (LAN).

The classrooms are equipped with Smart School device, interactive whiteboard and a projector for display. The server in the CCC delivers the course content via LAN to the classrooms, which contains lessons, solved examples, exercises, experiments, simulations etc in audio-visual form. The course contents generally cover the basic concepts in various subjects. While the 2D and 3D content makes the learning and teaching easy, the interactivity with the interactive whiteboard makes it more lively and comprehensive.


Maths is a foundational skill that students must acquire. Almost all other important concepts in Science, Commerce and other advanced subjects rely on mathematical knowledge and understanding. However, most students consider the subject to be ‘dull’ and ‘boring’. This results in lower grades, eventually leading to ‘Maths Phobia’ among students.

To address these issues effectively and cope up with this challenge, the teaching and learning of Maths in schools should be activity driven. Our Maths Lab is the ideal solution that helps schools in this regard.

Smart Maths Lab provides pedagogically appropriate content for your students based on class and age, in a comprehensive manner that ensures a personalized learning environment for your students. We have included Maths Lab activities from KG to Class 10 and thus it is complete in all respects.

The hands-on activities are carried out using our maths models and Manipulative that ensure that students are able to connect the concepts to the physical world.

One of our unique features is the reporting structure of Maths Lab. Teachers, management and parents will be able to track the student’s progress based on the various reports that we create. Hence our Maths Lab is an ideal partner for your maths education.

Also we provide a detailed Lab plan that helps the teachers to incorporate Smart Maths lab solution in the existing curriculum.


Smart Science Lab is an innovative platform that allows students to develop deep insights into various scientific concepts by experiential learning. Based on the ideology of Learn - Analyse - Build, Smart School Science Lab features pedagogically appropriate content, where students can learn through activities and perform simulations to discover ideas.

Usually, students are instructed to follow a set of instructions, they are not allowed to explore the possibilities and application of science. Thus students consider the subject ‘dull’ and ‘boring’. This results in lower grades, eventually leading to ‘ Phobia’ among students. To address these issues effectively and cope up with this challenge, the teaching and learning of Science in schools should be activity driven. Smart School Science Lab is the ideal solution that helps schools in this regard.

Smart Science Lab aims to fill the gap between learning and practice.

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How does Smart Science Lab help students and teachers?

Smart Science Lab is a combination of virtual activity lab and hands on activities which will help students to reinforce, explore and apply their concepts.

For teachers, it is a good way to assess the students understanding through multiple modes such as virtual activities, presentation on hands on activities, answers on workbook etc.

What are the features of Smart Science Lab?

Features of Smart Science lab

  1. Learn & reinforce concepts through exploration, with the help of virtual activities and simulations, experiments and exercises.
  2. Using , hands on kits student can Relate & Apply science concepts
  3. Reduce preparation effort for teacher with the lab plan available.
  4. Provide comprehensive reports for administration
  5. Workbook helps student to revise and teachers for assessments.

What is LAB (Learn-Analyse-Build) philosophy?

The Science Lab follows the LAB philosophy. In the Learning phase, student learns concept in the class. To analyse concepts the student goes to the lab to use the virtual activity lab. Finally in the build phase he/she uses the hands on kits to apply his concepts.


Smart Robotics combines various disciplines of engineering (mechanics, electronics, computer science and Information Technology) and so, inspires creativity through possibility-thinking. Even if pursued as a hobby, robotics inspires students to go beyond academics to tread new dimensions of learning.

In a nutshell, Robotics gives students a platform to integrate their knowledge from various subjects and apply it. It gives an opportunity to develop not only their application knowledge but also core life-skills such as team work, critical thinking and exploration.

The future will belong to those who can implement knowledge, and not just memorise facts.

Application of knowledge is the highest form of learning. And true application comes with the ability to interconnect different pieces of information and knowledge to come up with a solution. With the Smart Robotics kit the student can make 100+ models, which can be autonomous or remote controlled in nature. Each kit includes mechanical, electronics and programmable components to set up a robotics lab in the school.