How it Works?

How does Smart School solution work?

Smart School Application is installed on a server in a Central Coordination Center (CCC) in the school. Classrooms are connected to the Central Coordination Center via a local area network (LAN). The classrooms are equipped with Smart School device, interactive whiteboard and a projector for display. All the hardware components such as Smart School device, UPS are safely kept in a cabinet with lock and key in the classroom.

• Smart School Application Server delivers the course content to the classrooms via LAN.

Teachers in the classrooms use Smart School Client Interface to access the course content. Smart Studio is used with the interactive whiteboard allowing teachers to use tools such as pen, eraser, compass, shapes, graphs, maps, image library, colors etc in place of chalk and blackboard.

Content of Smart School Solution


  • Smart School content has been created after years of research. The content consists of Audio-Visual Lessons in 2D and 3D that help the teacher to deliver the lesson effectively so that the students can understand the concepts better.
  • The content modules have been created based on the number of classes per topic, time allocated to each class and the examination pattern.
  • The content covers lessons from Pre-KG to 12 with interactivity in a high quality 2D and 3D, audio-visual format ensuring high retention rate of concepts.

Course Content Organization

  1. The course content in Smart School is organized in a hierarchical structure for easy navigation and access. Each chapter is broken down into modules for better delivery of the subject. At the chapter level, along with modules, there are Lesson Plans, Exercises and Activities. Each module is again broken down into three parts – Explanation, Example and Exercise.
  2. The average runtime of a module (also known as the seat time) in a continuous mode is 6 minutes because as per average attention span of a child.
  3. A teacher has significant spare time in hand to conduct activities like quizzes, assessment, etc to reinforce learning to students.
  4. Depending on the age group the content is more character based for lower age groups and for the higher age group it focuses relatively more on the content.

Features and Benefits of Smart School Solution


To teach from Smart School, the teacher has to simply start the Smart School device, switch on the Projector, select the class, the subject, the lesson and Play. The Smart School remote operation is quite simple, with a pause, play, rewind, forward button. No prior knowledge of computers is required.


Smart School comes with comprehensive reports that show the syllabus coverage and progress across course and class.

Smart Studio

Smart Studio is an interactive software that allows teachers use tools such as pen, eraser, compass, shapes, colors etc to make sessions more interactive and fun.

Question Bank

Smart School comes with a question bank of 75,000 questions categorized based on class, subject, chapter, topic, difficulty level and marks.

Assessment Creation Software

Smart School comes with assessment creation software. By using the question bank and assessment creation software teachers can easily create assessments.

Teacher Created Content

With library of over 25,000 images and easy to use interface Smart School allows the teachers to create their own content using power point and use it in the classrooms.

Other Content Libraries

In addition to its own content library, Smart Campuz also provides content and simulation software from some of the best content providers in the world. These include Encyclopedia Britannica, ADAM and Algoryx.